OUR MISSION is to raise awareness, develop support, create resources and promote advocacy for foster care and adoption among the Tucson community at large as well as key members of the community.

OUR MISSION is to create a community where foster and adoptive homes are available for all children in need, as well as a community with a full range of supports available to children and to the foster parents who care for them.


Meet Seth

Seth is outgoing, friendly, warm and energetic. He describes himself as kind, helpful and a good person. His favorite activities are riding his bike and using his skateboard at the park. His favorite sports are football, soccer, basketball and baseball. However, Seth’s main focus is returning to Karate as he enjoyed it in the past.…


Meet Justin

Justin is a teenage boy. He has been recognized by current placement and school teachers for being friendly with peers, taking initiative, being productive and volunteering for extra projects regularly. He is very much into skateboarding, biking, video games and basketball. Justin is proud that he can do an Ollie, which is one of the…


Meet David

David is an affectionate, playful, and kind-hearted 7-year-old boy. He approaches life with enthusiasm, wonder, and curiosity. As soon as his bright blue eyes and vibrant smile greet you, you just know you will never be the same. David will keep you on your toes! Although he enjoys his “tablet” and cartoon time, he loves…