Frequently Asked Questions

Foster care is temporary care for children who have been removed from their own home by the Arizona Department of Child Safety as a result of an investigation for physical or sexual abuse or neglect. Family reunification or placement with a relative is always the primary goal.

Many foster parents responsibilities will closely resemble those of any parent providing day-to-day supervision and support for children in a stable and loving home environment. And yet, foster parenting is different than parenting your own child. Some foster parents refer to their role as “parenting plus” or “conscious parenting.”

Foster parents, of course, will decide what sex and age range of children they can best provide and care for, as well as what types of problems or special needs they can or cannot deal with. Foster parents also have the right to accept or reject any child offered for placement

  • Must be at least 21 years of age
  • May be single, married, or co-habitating
  • Must demonstrate financial stability
  • Everyone 18+ will be fingerprinted and asked about involvement with the police
  • Everyone 18+ will be must submit a Criminal History Self-Disclosure and submit fingerprints to Department of Public Safety
  • Must submit a doctor’s statement
  • Everyone 18+ must submit a physician’s statement.
  • Must provide the names of five personal references
  • Will complete a pre-service education training
  • Must complete a 30 hour pre-service education training.
  • The applicant’s home will be inspected by theOffice of Licensing, Certification, and Regulation. Each foster child needs a bed in a room other than the adults.  Each child must have a bed and dresser or closet space.  6 and under male and female may share a bedroom after 6 same gender can share a room.  Children 8+ can sleep on the top bunk bed.
  • A minimum of three home visits will be made to complete the home study process.
  • Will undergo a Child Protective Services/Adult Protective Services background check.