AZ Kids Need U

The very best place for a child to be is in a family.  Unfortunately, there are many children who cannot safely live with their parents.  When relatives and kin are unable to provide a temporary home for these children, foster parents become the temporary family for them!  Sometimes children are unable to return home and live safely with their parents. Adoptive parents become the permanent family for many of these children. Fostering and adopting children who were the unfortunate victims of child abuse or neglect is very rewarding, very challenging, and will change your life! You’ll be pleased to know that many friends and relatives will totally support you in your decision, while others may think that you’ve lost your mind! You will rejoice when you see a child’s face gleaming with a beautiful smile that once came to you with a frown of sadness.  You may also cry when you see setbacks in the child’s behavior, or feel anxious and uncertain because you are not sure of his or her future.

One thing is for certain: “YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE —ONE CHILD AT A TIME!

There are many Arizona children waiting to be part of a family. Some of the waiting children have special educational, emotional or medical needs; this information is confidential and does not appear in their profiles. More detailed information about the children can be shared with adoptive parents as they complete the adoption preparation process.

For the safety and benefit of every child in foster care, the foster parent licensing process is very detailed.  We want you to understand what is involved throughout the process and help you each step of the way.

There are many variables that affect the process and the time frame, but use the information here to help you get started and meet each requirement so you can start making a difference in the life of a child as soon as possible. 

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For more info, call: 1-877-KIDS-NEED-U